From Michigan, Another Sign that 2014 Could Be a Republican Tsunami

This poll result on Michigan’s 2014 Senate race may fall in the “too good to be true” category, and the survey was taken by Harper Polling, an avowedly right-leaning outfit. But let’s enjoy it anyway:

The early poll of 1,004 likely Michigan voters, conducted January 7th and 8th by Harper Polling, shows Republican former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land (at right) leading Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (below), 44 to 36 percent.

Will Land and Peters, running for the seat being vacated by the retiring Carl Levin, get their respective parties’ nominations? I don’t know, but in Michigan the tide clearly appears to be flowing against the Obama administration and the Democrats:

Michigan voters strongly disapprove of President Obama’s performance — only 35 percent approve and 55 percent disapprove. They are also very sour on Obamacare, with only 33 percent approving and again 55 percent disapproving.

If, as we believe, the Democrats will continue to bleed Obamacare from now until November, that could be a tough hill to climb for any Democratic nominee in Michigan. And capturing a statewide race there is hardly a pipe-dream, as the state’s governor, Rick Snyder, is a Republican who was elected in 2010.

I suspect we will see more such stories from traditionally Democratic states in the months to come.


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