He’s talking as fast as he can

Senior presidential advisor Dan Pfeiffer turned up on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this morning in advance of Obama’s state of the union address this week. I give Pfeiffer credit for showing up.

Wallace quizzed Pfeiffer on the weakness of the economy as measured by factors with which we have all become too familiar. In the video clip below, Pfeiffer claims some victories that he attributes to Obama and blames Bush for the bad stuff. This in year six of the Age of Obama. Two terms will apparently not be enough for Obama to do all that needs to be done.

Pfeiffer talks at his usual tempo (fast) with his usual ratio of truth to verbiage (low). The world will little note nor long remember what Pfeiffer said — to cure what ails us, he tersely touts an increase in the minimum wage and more government spending on infrastructure (f/k/a “shovel-ready projects”) — but Wallace’s question ought to stick for a few days: “If things are so great, how come they’re so lousy?”


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