How Global Warming (Or Jenny McCarthy) Causes Autism

I’m working on a long essay about science and politics right now for a forthcoming edition of Issues in Science and Technology, and I’m enjoying, among other things, yesterday’s New York Times article on the “scientific consensus” about the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but do you think this cuts any weight with the supposedly science-worshipping but GMO-opposing Left?

Then there’s this: Organic food causes autism.  Just look at the chart below–it looks way more convincing than the charts of carbon dioxide and global temperature. (Or is global warming the cause of autism?  Nope: it’s not on The Warmlist–yet.)

Autism Organics copy

Obviously organic food markets must be shut down immediately.  I mean if the precautionary principle means anything, can we afford to take a chance with (wait for it) the children?  Where is Jenny McCarthy on this?  That’s always the first thing I want to know when there’s a public health issue–what do buxom Hollywood celebrities think about it.