Mad As Hell Time

Last month we took notice of the case of John Beale, the highest paid employee at the EPA and climate change expert who hadn’t actually worked at the agency for nearly a decade, claiming instead to be a deep-cover CIA agent.  Beale was sentenced today to 32 months in prison (seems rather light) for what the government called “massive fraud.”  Somehow, however, none of the reporters following this story have seemed interested in looking into whether any of his climate change work was equally fraudulent.

There is, however, this little detail buried in Michael Isikoff’s story about the sentencing:

[Beale] also said he used the time “trying to find ways to fine tune the capitalist system” to discourage companies from damaging the environment. “I spent a lot of time reading on that,” said Beale.

Let that sink in for a few moments.  Forget Beale: this detail captures perfectly the presumption of the entire mandarin class in Washington.  Beale actually thought this excuse would help mitigate his sentence, or explain what he was up to.  There are lots of Beales in Washington, people who really do think it is their job, and within their competence, to “fine tune” everything.  Beale will now have lots more time to “read up on that.”  He deserves lots of company, though.

Puts me in a frame of mine to recall another famous Beale (Howard): “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it any more!”  Time for the American people to recapture this sentiment.

By the way: Do they serve Green Weenies in federal prison?  Hope so.