Meet Alex Mooney

I wrote here about Alex Mooney’s campaign for Congress. Alex seeks to represent West Virginia’s second congressional district. The seat has for years been held by Shirley Moore Capito, a moderate Republican who is now running for the Senate.

As I explained in my earlier post, Alex, whom I’ve known for some time, is the most conservative candidate in the race who is electable. I’m also told that he has raised more than the other candidates in the primary and has more cash on hand than any other Republican.

There will be a fundraiser on Wednesday, February 5 for Alex in Washington, D.C. Among the hosts are Sen. Peter Fitzgerald and Gary Bauer. David Bossie will be a special guest.

The event will take place at 710 East Capitol St, NE, Washington, DC 20003. It begins at 5:30. The cost for individuals is a $100 contribution.

I’ve already contributed to Alex’s campaign, but won’t be able to attend the fundraiser due to a prior commitment. I encourage readers in the D.C. area to attend or (along with other readers) to contribute here.

Alex has been endorsed by Ann Coulter, Phyllis Schafly, Citizens United, and the Family Research Council. NRO profiled him here. Alex offers us the prospect of replacing a moderate Republican (who likely will end up in the Senate) with a strong conservative.


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