News To Celebrate!

The stock market tanked again today.  Argentina is in disarray.  (What–again? you say?)  Syria is dragging its feet in disarming.  (Another Gomer Pyle moment for the goobers running foreign policy.)  But there is some very happy news to celebrate as we head in to Super Bowl weekend:

Henry Waxman is retiring!  Bonus: he’s blaming his exit on the Tea Party!

“It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans,” said Waxman.

Is there anything the Tea Party can’t do?

I always thought Waxman was rather Gollum-like.  Like this:

WaxmanGollumBut an astute Power Line reader points out that he’s probably just preparing in retirement to join the Tellarites (that’s a Star Trek: TOS reference for Hinderaker):

Tellarites copy

Go Broncos, by the way.


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