One Commercial You Won’t Be Seeing During the Super Bowl

Daniel Defense is a Georgia company that makes guns, including AR-15 style rifles. It attempted to place a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast, but the NFL turned it down. The commercial featured a Marine who has returned to civilian life and uses a Daniel Defense firearm to protect his home and family. The commercial was inoffensive and never depicted a gun, but the NFL apparently has a policy against commercials for firearms or ammunition. Of course, the league didn’t have any problem with airing a Michael Bloomberg “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” ad during last year’s Super Bowl.

The NRA made this nice video about the episode. It features Marty Daniel, the CEO of Daniel Defense, and others, including an elderly lady who uses a Daniel AR-15 for self-defense. The video also does a good job of tying this controversy into the broader issue of left-wing suppression of conservative views generally, which we have written about here and elsewhere. The video is part of the NRA News channel. It is very much worth eight minutes of your time:


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