Sen. Coburn’s cancer doctor not included under Obamacare

Sen. Tom Coburn has prostate cancer. Today, he revealed that Obamacare doesn’t include the doctor who has been treating the cancer.

Coburn added that “even though my new coverage won’t cover my specialist — I’m going to have great care, and I have a great prognosis.” But to get that care, Coburn is paying out of his own pocket so he can retain the services of his oncologist.

The average American who loses his or her cancer specialist thanks to Obamacare isn’t in a position to pay out-of-pocket to keep a doctor. Thus, Coburn has called on the White House to “work with us to make sure Americans who can’t afford to pay out of pocket don’t lose access to life-saving care.” More than that, he and Senators Hatch and Burr have put forward a serious proposal to replace Obamacare (about which, more later I’m pretty sure).

Obama is indifferent to the fact that many Americans are about to lose access to not only their doctors and health care plans, but also to their specialists and treatments. But the affected Americans and their family members and friends won’t share his cavalier attitude.

This is another reason why Obamacare, already an encumbrance for Democrats, is likely to become more, not less, of an albatross in the next few years.


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