The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 62: Winter Kills Edition (With Mark Yost)

Tonight Brian Ward and I huddled under blankets in front of roaring fires to produce Episode 62 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience. Our producer, Scott Immergut, participated from a Southern California beach, where he had just finished an afternoon of surfing. What did we discuss? The weather, to begin with: when it has been 25 degrees below zero, it sticks in your mind for a while.

But we talked about much more than that: extension of unemployment benefits, the Democrats’ latest effort to distract attention not only from Obamacare, but from the baleful effects of their own economic policies. Plus, my post last night on the dishonest and corrupt Rachel Maddow, which was linked today by everyone from Real Clear Politics to Lucianne to National Review to Newsmax to Fox News to InstaPundit (who, of course, had it first), to Hot Air to Memeorandum, Breitbart, Free Republic and Ace of Spades, and many more; and, in general, was all over Twitter.

If that were not enough, we had a fun interview with Mark Yost, a former journalist with the Wall Street Journal who is now a firefighter (if the-cartel_medium_mediumI understood the narrative correctly) and novelist who has just published The Cartel, the second installment in Yost’s “critically acclaimed Nick Mattera series.” The Cartel deals presciently with the legalization of marijuana and points out that what follows is not necessarily Nirvana. It was great to catch up with Mark, and his new book sounds like a lot of fun, although I’m not sure I can endorse the introduction of lesbian sex merely as a device to sell more books. I will have to read The Cartel carefully before rendering a judgment; you may want to do the same.

To conclude the show, we awarded our Loon of the Week and This Week In Gatekeeping prizes. Here’ a hint: the Loon had to do with the inauguration of a Commie mayor in New York City.

So it’s a fun show.

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