The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 63: Gilligan, Drugs, and Other Important Matters, With Steve Hayward


Steve Hayward joined Brian Ward and me this morning to analyze the great issues of the day:

Steve Hayward With A Little More Hair

Steve Hayward With A Little More Hair

* the death of actor Russell Johnson and the enduring life of Gilligan’s Island

* the Chris Christie “Bridge-gate” scandal, how things look the week after the storm

* Barack Obama’s proposed reforms for NSA data gathering on American citizens

* legalized marijuana in Steve Hayward’s current state of residence, Colorado

* the proposed Meryl Streep anti-NRA movie

* Loon of the Week (Minneapolis mayor squares the circle on polar vortices and climate change) and This Week in Gatekeeping (when “Fun Facts” break bad)

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We were sponsored this week by Encounter Books and, in particular, Glenn Reynolds’s new book, The New School.