The Prague Suspicion

I fear the mysteries surrounding the death of Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic Jamel al-Jamal are destined to abide, but let us track the relevant news as it emerges. We noted al-Jamal’s death on Wednesday in “Work accident in Prague.” Al-Jamal was killed when he opened a safe at his residence. As is par for the course with Palestinian announcements regarding such incidents, the explanation of the circumstances was ludicrous.

Whether the facts will ever be allowed to emerge is questionable. Yesterday we learned that an arms cache was found at al-Jamal’s Prague home. Today al-Jamal’s daughter speaks, and she pronounces her father’s death suspicious. No kidding.

UPDATE: I missed this story last night: That would be nice, but it’s not realistic to expect an explanation from the powers that be in Arafatistan that has bears any relationship to the truth.


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