The Week in Pictures, Early Edition

I have to post the Week in Pictures this afternoon as I’ll be traveling tomorrow, and I’m not certain about my internet access.  If I luck out perhaps I’ll post a bonus edition like last week.

Let’s see–this week’s main stories involve an arrest (no, alas, it wasn’t Obama), and a sports event wrapped in a cultural shift.  You’ll figure it out as we go here.

Super Bowl Pot 2 copy

Super Bowl Weed copy

Pot Bowl 2 copy

Obama Trash Talk copy

Bieber copy

Headline: Justin Bieber Arrested

Headline: Justin Bieber Arrested

Bieber Defense copy

Funny, but you never do see them together. . .

Funny, but you never do see them together. . .

American Hustle copy

Obamacare Risk Pool copy

ACA vs Const copy

Cuomos Lunch Counter copyTried Communism? copyStop Sign copy

Stoned Stop Signs copyPlay Dead copyBanjo copy

Omaha copy


Insect drones: Imagine how many conspiracy theories we could get started by releasing a bunch of these in the Middle East—

Drone Insect copy

Vegetarians copy

Firelfy Logic copyWong Book Store copy

Old Selfies copy

More Alcohol copy

Suicidal copy

Bear Tacos copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 97 copy