Today’s Strangest News Story

Over the weekend John brought our attention to the strange story of Edward Snowden supposedly claiming his documents prove a U.S.-Hitler-space aliens link.  Next, Snowden will be telling us the moon landing was faked.  (Never mind extradition: let’s just get a Russian visa for Buzz Aldrin.  He’ll take care of Snowden.)

John is going to have a hard time topping this story:

Government Overpays $18 Million Per Year on ‘Erection Assistance Devices’

Next time Medicare taxes are taken out of your paycheck, stand proud and smile. Remember, you’re contributing to improving the health of seniors by helping them pay for, among other things…penis pumps.

According to The Washington Times, the Inspector General has found that Medicare is paying twice the market rate for “erection assistance devices.” In comparison to the VA, which has been paying a fair price of $185 per device, Medicare has been paying an average of $360. Overall, Uncle Sam spent $38.6 million on penis pumps in 2011 (the last year studied), which was nearly double the $20.6 million it spent in 2006.

Well, what do you expect when the American people suffer from electile dysfunction.

Take it away, Austin Powers!