Tomorrow, Follow the State of the Union on Power Line Live


It has been a while since we cranked up Power Line Live. Tomorrow night’s State of the Union, perhaps Obama’s last before he becomes a hopeless lame duck, seems like a good occasion to sweep out the cobwebs and reopen the tavern. I see that a few drunken libs have been hanging out past closing time, but we will evict them before the festivities start tomorrow evening.

The speech begins at 9 p.m. Eastern, but the gang will start to assemble well ahead of the kickoff. If you want to jeer the president’s proposals with a bunch of like-minded conservatives, PL Live will be the place to be. We may even need to establish a drinking game or two. Like, for example, a shot of scotch every time Obama utters the word “inequality.”

So join us tomorrow night for a bit of fun, at Power Line Live.


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