A Star Wars Interlude

It was inevitable that someone would offer up a Facebook “Look Back” video for Darth Vader (below), but the real news is the insider revelation that the destruction of the Death Star in Episode IV was clearly an inside job.  I expect Rosie O’Donnell will be all over this story any moment now.  Excerpt:

THE KID WHO TOOK THE SHOT JUST HAPPENED TO BE NAMED ‘SKYWALKER.’  Yep, same as our leather-daddy asthmatic boss. And he just so happened to be from the same planet as ol’ Chokey.  And it turns out—we wasn’t even using his targeting computer when he made the winning shot!  What a coincidence. . .

And—hey! Who was the guy pursuing the computer-less moisture-farmer?  Oh, tjat’s right—it was Darth Vader, his dad!  And he managed to spectacularly fail at taking out this first-time pilot, who just so happened to be his son.  And know what else is weird? Darth Vader was the only survivor of the Death Star explosion.  And with the death of Grand Moff Tarkin, that made Vader the number 2 person in the Empire! . .

Read the whole thing.  It is very convincing–mostly that George Lucas is an idiot story-teller.


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