Annals of Situational Liberalism, and Other Musings

Okay, if there were any groundhogs around my neighborhood right now, they wouldn’t be seeing their shadows, and I can never remember from year to year whether this means six more weeks of winter, or an early spring.  Here in Boulder, I’m guessing it means at least six more years of non-stop global warming alarmism

• From the Annals of Situational Liberalism: With regard to President Obama’s extraordinary power grab, perhaps it is useful to take in this sage advice:

Congress has its problems, but the only way to restore balance to the government is for it to stand up for the rights it retains and to fight for the return of those that have been taken from it.

What right-wing, Fox News contributing, partisan hack said that?  Actually, these are the words of Ralph Nader’s Congress Project back in 1972. Heh.

•More from the Annals of Situational Liberalism: Apparently Secretary of State John Kerry still has some discretionary latitude about the final recommendation State will make to President Obama about the Keystone pipeline.  If State recommends a green light, I’m guessing Kerry will say he was against it before he was for it.

Finally, a few commenters on the last two Week in Review picture galleries, who apparently watch no TV sports, expressed puzzlement over the references to “Omaha.”  So here’s Peyton Manning explaining it (in 37 seconds):

And here’s the one-minute musical version:


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