Give Krugman a raise!

I love the stupidity of President Obama’s “Give America a raise” demand. He makes it on behalf of the little people, or the low-information voter, or the union funders of the Democratic Party. It’s almost enough to make you laugh.

And of course Obama is supported in his plea by the New York Times and by man of the people op-ed columnist Paul Krugman. Krugman judiciously holds that the time is right in economic terms, but has he ever said the time is wrong?

I wonder if we shouldn’t demand that the Times raise Krugman’s salary to reflect his true worth to the company, to something like one or two million bucks a year? Krugman satisfies the insatiable demands of Times readers like no one can. His value to the Times is surely not reflected in his current salary. I’m boycotting the Times until they recognize Krugman’s value to the paper.

And what about the Times itself? They are working hard for the man, for the party, and for the union. Where would the Democrats and their media adjunct be without the Times? Let’s demand that they give themselves a raise (if only to pay for Krugman’s raise)!

Raise the daily price of the Times to $10 or $20 to reflect its intrinsic worth. Indeed, let’s boycott the Times until they give themselves a raise! And if you’re already boycotting the Times, get a friend to take up the cause!

UPDATE: How could I forget? The Times was against the minimum wage before they were for it. They deserve that raise for services performed!