Illiberalism In Action

Harvey Mansfield likes to say that the job of contemporary conservatism is “to save liberalism from liberals.”  I know we’ve written here before about how today’s “liberals” really aren’t liberal at all, but are shockingly illiberal–even fascistic, if the term could be used without so much baggage and misunderstanding.

The IJ Review has a great compilation up this morning about “11 Stories About What Democrats Think of Your Constitutional Rights.”  They’re all good, but especially take in number 10, featuring this screen shot of a Tweet from Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson:

Dickinson Tweet copy

Never mind the instinct for censorship of free speech with which Dickinson disagrees, which alone ought to disqualify him with the voters of the district he seeks to represent.  How about the premise that Fox News “have unqualified political analysts”??  Let’s see: Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer-prize winning author, and one-time speechwriter to a (Democratic) Vice President of the United States.  Not much in the way of qualifications I guess.  Or Karl Rove, manager of two successful presidential campaigns, and deputy White House chief of staff.  Yes, that’s pretty pathetic next to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz or Rachel Madcow.  Or what the heck, about about Evan Bayh; he’s not only a Democrat, but a former governor and U.S. Senator.  Pretty thin qualifications indeed.

Far from backing away from this self-evident idiocy, Dickinson has doubled-down. More from the Media Research Center here.


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