Once Again: Jimmy Who?

John’s notice of the passing of Sid Caeser a few days ago included the clip of Ronald Reagan on “What’s My Line?,” where of course the panel had to be blindfolded and Reagan had to disguise his voice because he would have been instantly recognized.  I think I knew Reagan had done this, but I had never seen the episode.

But it reminded me: Jimmy Carter appeared on “What’s My Line?” while he was governor of Georgia.  As you’ll see from the clip below, he was so unrecognizable that the panel didn’t need to be blindfolded and it took them longer to figure out what he was.  Should have been an omen, as it took a blindfold for voters to select him in 1976:

Footnote: One of my favorite stories about Carter is that when he announced to his family that he was going to run for president, his mother asked, “President of what?”

Special bonus: Reagan on the Tonight Show in 1975 (two minutes):