One may smile, and smile…

I wrote about President Obama’s ten-minute, pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly in “Obama does O’Reilly” (video below). I referred to Obama’s transparent BS in the interview. Angelo Codevilla takes a look and makes the case that Obama should be called out on the multifarious challenges Obama posed to veracity in “Live not by lies alone.” The thoroughgoing falsity of Obama’s statements in the interview is indeed its most striking aspect.

O’Reilly focused on three subjects: 1. Kathleen Sebelius and According to Obama, the site was fixed within six weeks; now it’s up and working the way it’s supposed to. This is false several times over, as anyone who has been following the news would know.

2. Benghazi. O’Reilly asked if Secretary Panetta informed him Obama that Benghazi was a terrorist attack on the evening of the event. Obama talked around the answer, I would guess falsely, before baldly stating known falsehoods. According to Obama, we didn’t know at the time who was involved; he supposedly characterized the attack as act of terror the day after.

Glenn Kessler usefully reviewed the history of Obama’s statements on Benghazi and dispatched Obama’s claim with his coveted Four Pinocchios.

Immediately after the attack, Obama told his friends at 60 Minutes it was “too early to tell” whether the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism. During an interview on The View two weeks later, Obama refused to say it was a terrorist attack. And he was still yammering about the video that Susan Rice had faulted for the attack in his United Nations speech around the same time.

3. The IRS scandal. Obama saved his best for last. Obama asserted that there have been multiple hearings on it, the implication being they have exonerated the IRS of wrongdoing. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(4) is confusing. The IRS administrators didn’t know how to implement it. Mistakes were made by employees in the IRS Cincinnati office, who were responsible for nothing more than boneheaded decisions.

These statements are blatant, calculated lies, meant to exploit the ignorance of Obama’s audience.

What is to be said? Probably not this: “I think your heart is in the right place.”

The ease with which Obama reels off the lies is perhaps the second most striking feature of the interview. He doesn’t break a sweat. His facial muscles don’t twitch. He smiles. He looks like he could pass a lie detector test.