Rational Ignorance in Action: Ice Age Presidents Edition

Just yesterday I was reviewing with one of my classes the concept of “rational ignorance,” which is long-established political science jargon for what is popularly called a “low-information voter” today.  In a sentence, it means the median voter makes a rational tradeoff against spending the time and energy to be informed about politics because the marginal payoff of their vote to them is seemingly so small. Needless to say, Power Line readers aren’t typically the median voter, and the ignorance of the median voter costs all of us a lot, especially when they cast their votes thoughtlessly for irrationally ignorant liberals.

Jimmy Kimmel’s team went out and found a great demonstration of low-information citizens on Presidents’ Day, asking people for their reaction to the news that Franklin Roosevelt had just died:

And, as a special bonus, enjoy this 1:32 long opening of  Leonard Nimoy telling us “Climate experts believe the next ice age is on the way.”  The winter of 1978 looks a lot like this winter.


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