That Was Ugly

I should have known something was amiss when I saw that coat Joe Namath was wearing at the coin toss. And I know he’s confessed to having some “cognitive difficulties,” but c’mon, how hard is a coin toss?  I think the game was over after the first snap of the ball, after Peyton Manning clearly forgot to shout “Omaha!”  Couldn’t Denver have grabbed Eli Manning out of the skybox and brought him down?  No one would have noticed. Oh well, it least it gets a mini photo gallery:

This is just wrong.

This is just wrong.

Gumnp Coin Toss copy

Manning to Mom copy

Bronco Run copy

Seahawks Chase Broncos copy

Homer Swicthes copyAnd The Simpsons nail it again, years ago (only 17 seconds long):


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