The Collected Cleta: The IRS scandals

To understand the Obama administration properly, one has to understand the multifarious wrongdoing committed by the IRS at the behest of President Obama and the Democratic Party. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel puts it this way in her weekly column today: “Few presidents understand the power of speech better than Barack Obama, and even fewer the power of denying it to others. That’s the context for understanding the White House’s unprecedented co-option of the Internal Revenue Service to implement a political campaign to shut up its critics and its opponents.”

The Heritage Foundation performed a great public service hosting the program on the political misuse of the IRS by Obama this past Friday. Moderated by Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky, the panel included Washington superlawyer Cleta Mitchell, former FEC chairman Brad Smith, NRO media editor Eliana Johnson and the Kim Strassel. I am taking the liberty of collecting the previously posted videos for the convenience of readers who may have missed some or all of this series.

After von Spakovsky’s introductions, Cleta Mitchell leads off the panel presentation with a bang — as the man from Men’s Wearhouse used to say, I guarantee it — but the program warrants your time and attention all the way to the end. This is important.

Cleta Mithcell represents some of the leading victims of the IRS’s criminal misconduct. She knows what she is talking about. Following the program I sat down with Cleta to ask her to elaborate or reiterate a few points she made in the course of her presentation: part 1 is here, part 2 is here, part 3 is here, and part 4 is here.