The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 65: Achilles Heel Edition (with Victor Davis Hanson)


So I am laid up at home in the aftermath of surgery–a reconstruction of the Achilles tendon in my left leg. The price of a lifetime of athletic excellence, I tell people, but no one has bought that explanation yet. That being the case, what better way to while away the hours than by recording a podcast? Brian Ward and I did so last night, and Brian, alertly grasping the connection between my ailing tendon and the Greek hero, booked classical historian Victor Davis Hanson as our very special guest. For some reason, the Skype gremlins were on the loose, and producer Scott Immergut had to overcome more than a couple of technical issues to put together the final product.

V. D. Hanson

V. D. Hanson

We discussed the issues of the day–some of them anyway, they are mounting up faster than anyone can list, let alone discuss, them:

* The State Dinner for the President of France at Versailles the White House

* The CBO report on Obamacare and its effect on employment

* Further Obamacare delays and the U.S. as a banana republic

* Loon of the Week: NBC, the Olympics, and the pivotal experiment that was genocidal, tyrannical Communism

* This Week in Gatekeeping: quick hits from the LA Times

* Predictions – a musical look back on the insight of John Hinderaker

Needless to say, Brian only set to music those predictions of mine–preserved, alas, on tape–that failed to come true. He didn’t mention any of the accurate predictions I’ve made over the years, like Reagan over Mondale in 1984, or the Twins in the 1991 World Series. I think that was the last one.

With Professor Hanson, we discussed his recent article, A Beat-up, Exhausted, and Terrified Republican Establishment, which poses the question: given that Democrats are on the wrong side of all the key issues, why do Republicans continue to lose elections?

It is a terrific HWX episode, I think.

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