The Week in Pictures: Never-Ending Winter Edition

I’m sure glad global warming is a proven fact.  I just wonder if anyone has told the weather yet.  Had a road trip scrambled this week because of weather and airline woes, on top of which I got to experience changing a flat tire in -8 degrees.  (I know, I know, in Minnesota that’s called “Monday.”)  Meanwhile, as Cato the Elder would say if he were here today, “Obamacare delenda est.”

Global Warming Causes Everything copy

Denier Cartoon copy

Snow Monster copy

Sunroof copy

Texas v Canada copy

Rose? copy

Work Rate copy

Furman copy

Obama Sees copy

Spongebob Economics copy

Obama Horse copy

Pajama Boy Job copy

Biden Chocolate copy

Sochi copy

Brown Rail copy

Discord Civility copy

DC Stooges copy

Spendinf Cuts copy

Polar Bear Servoed copy

Eye Contact copy

Pirate Barribean copy

Cyber Bullying copy

Darth Helium copy

Darth Eggs copy

Realistic Barbie copy

Turban Outfitters copy

Bieber Download copy

Porn Plumber copy

Is it the Sochi Olympics. . . or Obamacare?

Is it the Sochi Olympics. . . or Obamacare?

Holy Grail copy

And finally. . .

Hot XX copy


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