The Week in Pictures: Polar Vortex From Hell Edition

I gather the near-term weather forecast is calling for a return of the polar vortex that is making this the most severe winter in the U.S. in 35 years, and yes, “polar vortex from hell” may be a non sequitur, but if John Kerry and Al Gore don’t have to make any sense, why should I?  Funny thing about coincidence: the last eastern winter and western drought of this severity was 1978 (when I recall being restricted to 50 gallons of water use a day per household during a stretch in the summer).  Jerry Brown was also governor back then.  Cause and effect?  I’m sure Michael Mann could provide a graph proving the proposition.  Now back to binge-viewing of “House of Cards,” and although I may think the British original was superior, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Kerry Warming copy

Seen Gore Lately? copy

Climate Causes Everything copy

Detroit UAW copy

Hillary House of Cards copy

Min Wage copy

Min Wage 2 copy

Obama Train Wreck copy

Communism Not Tried copy

Thought bubble: "This must be what a free election feels like."

Thought bubble: “This must be what a free election feels like.”

Ice Cream Tax copy

Wayne Norris copy

Science Project copy

American Duck copy

KFC Witness Protection copy

Thin Mints copyHealthy Metals copy

Hippo Critical copy

Wales from Scotland copy

Wine Pairing copy

And finally. . .

Hot 95 copy


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