A Successful Meet Up In Minneapolis

Tonight Brian Ward and I sponsored a Power Line/Fraters Libertas/Ricochet meet up at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Northeast Minneapolis. It was a fun event. The turnout was excellent, and seemed even better because our group was packed into one end of the pub. We said hello to lots of old friends–like Mitch Berg, with whom I am going shooting tomorrow–and met many more new ones.

We questioned whether our plan of recording a live podcast was practical, in view of the ambient noise; if not quite rowdy, the scene was certainly lively. But we decided to go ahead, and I think we got a pretty good recording, using an old-fashioned microphone. It was large and silver, anyway, so at least it looked old-fashioned. Our producer Scott Immergut will convert the audio file into a podcast which we will post shortly. We didn’t try to do anything very serious, but interviewed a number of guests, including Minnesota’s own James Lileks, a friend and long-time colleague and ally. The photo below was taken and tweeted by Brian; it shows me interviewing James. James is the short one:


Given the success of tonight’s event, I am pretty sure we will do it again. Any excuse is a good excuse for a party! Maybe when the weather turns hot and we can reserve Keegan’s patio.


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