(Almost) live from Lviv

Reader Dustin Mullenix writes from Lviv, Ukraine:

The number to look for in Crimea’s referendum tomorrow: according to this article, it’s 73 percent. The article includes an accompanying photo as evidence that ballots with the “join Russia” option checked are being printed in mass quantities. False ballots represent just half of Putin’s one-two punch to guarantee a 73 percent result. According to the article Russian servicemen will also vote in the election.

By the way, there are some encouraging signs of how the deaths of protesters last month in Kiev are impacting society here. During the last few days I’ve seen a handful of billboards, each with a bright red background and with one question written in black. Here are some of the questions: “Do you offer bribes?,” “Do you take bribes?,” “Do you pay for your grades on university exams?” At the bottom of each billboard is written, “We died for the sake of a better country.”

The accompanying photo is below.



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