Are One-Third of All Americans Liars?

Harry Reid has famously asserted that every single claim that Obamacare has done harm is false. (He later walked that back a bit, saying that “almost all” such claims are lies.) By doing so, Reid has put himself and his party at odds with an enormous number of Americans–one third of the population, if Rasmussen Reports is correct:

Just 14% of all voters now say they personally have been helped by the law, down from 16% in January. Thirty-three percent (33%) say they have been hurt by the law, up from 29% earlier this year and the highest negative rating since April 2013. Fifty percent (50%) say it has had no impact on them.

It is a little hard to see how one-third of Americans could already have been hurt by the law, given that its mandates have been pushed back. By the same token, I don’t see how it can be true that 14% have been helped by the law, either. But here’s the point: whatever the right percentage is, there is no doubt that many millions of Americans have, in fact, lost their insurance coverage, lost their doctors, or been forced to pay more for insurance (or the same for less insurance) on account of Obamacare. These people and, in many instances, their families and friends, are going to be seriously unhappy in November. If the Democrats think they can hide their heads in the sand and claim that all of those people are liars, they will prove to be mistaken.


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