Barack Obama sings…

From the Obama songbook, The People’s Cube has rushed this timely greatest hits collection to market: Barack Obama Sings “Crimea River” and Other Greatest Hits. It’s hard to pick a favorite. As a student and fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival, however, I’m going with “Have You Ever Seen Ukraine?”


I look forward to volume 2 and the collection of Obama’s Iran-inspired greatest hits with another nod to CCR: Barack Obama Sings “(The Islamic Republic of) Iran Through the Jungle” and More Greatest Hits. Let’s see: “Who’ll Stop Iran?”…”Bad Imam Rising”…”Dismantlement Never Comes”…”Iran Put a Spell On You”…and more.

The hits keep coming, and the worst is yet to come.

H/t: Reader Sally Vaci, who also recommends the comments on the People’s Cube post linked above.