Big Win For Republicans in Florida

In the closely-watched special election in Florida’s District 13 between Democrat Alex Sink, a well-known former statewide candidate, and Republican David Jolly, a less well-known and–some said–mediocre candidate, the Associated Press has declared Jolly the winner.

This is a big deal because the race was seen as a test of the Obamacare issue. The seat has been in Republican hands for many years, but the district went narrowly for Obama in 2012. The Democrats, thinking they had the stronger candidate, were primed to use a victory by Sink to promote the idea that Obamacare is popular after all–or at least, not fatal to Democratic candidates in close races. The Democrats bombarded their faithful with pleas for contributions to the Sink campaign; I don’t think I have ever gotten so many emails on any Congressional race. So this is a big win for the GOP.