Celebrate this

Justin Sink and Elise Viebeck have an interesting report on the Democrats’ plan to defend Obamacare in the court of public opinion: “Dems plan to ramp up offense on Obamacare.” The report is accompanied by a photograph that seems to me to be of the worth-a-thousand-words variety. It depicts Nancy Pelosi contemplating a board touting the achievements of Obamacare on the fourth anniversary of its enactment.


This woman used to be the Speaker of the House, until her party suffered the electoral consequences of the enactment of Obamacare. This tribune of the people is dressed to kill, with a set of talking points itemized on a poster that is color coordinated with her outfit. She remains deep in thought, reflecting on the gifts Obamacare has delivered to the people, or on what we needed to pass the law to discover. Why isn’t this woman laughing?


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