Dirty Harry doesn’t recall

Doing the job the mainstream media have declined to do — declined since a 2003 Los Angeles Times investigation, anyway — Matt Continetti takes a look at Dirty Harry Reid’s financial shenanigans. Alluding to Mario Puzo, and playing on the exposure of Reid’s latest shenanigans, Continetti titles his column “The grandfather.”

We get the corruption. What about Reid’s easily refuted denial of accusing opponents of Obamacare retailing “lies” about the harm it is doing? This I don’t get.

Is he “senile”? Is he experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s? He certainly appears to have trouble reading or comprehending the script put in front of him.

Is he unaware of the video evidence documenting what he said last month? According to Reid last week, we are uneducated about how to use the Internet. Perhaps he was projecting. Perhaps he was taking advantage of it.

In last month’s script, Reid alleged that the Koch brothers were responsible for what he characterized as “lies.” Reid’s denial of making this statement strongly suggests that he owes them an apology, and that he knows it. Or does he hold them responsible for the apparent deterioration of his memory? I wish someone who works on these matters for a living clear this up.


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