Is there life after college? Part Two

In this post, I matched up some of our most prominent politicians, including Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, with a person you might have encountered in your college dorm. For example, Obama was the guy you could usually defeat in a late night argument, but only the most intelligent of your friends realized you had beaten him.

Here are a few more:

Chris Christie is the guy you never stuck around to hear argue because he was too loud and blustery.

Harry Reid is the guy who, when his arguments failed (as they invariably did), attacked your parents and, if that didn’t work, started throwing punches.

Paul Ryan is the guy who always wanted to talk about the Christian existentialists when everyone else wanted to discuss the Marxists or the post-structuralists.

Jerry Brown is the guy who, in a pinch, introduced Eastern philosophy or religion into the argument. It worked, too. Even Bill Clinton was thrown off of his stride.

Dick Cheney is the guy you never used your pet BS arguments on. If his fiancee Lynne didn’t destroy them with analysis, he would crush them with a stare.