Mr. Times regrets

The House Oversight Committee report on Lois Lerner’s Involvment in the IRS Targeting of Tax-Exempt Organizations was released yesterday. For reporters working on deadline, the committee released a handy summary of the report’s highlights.

Paul Mirengoff covered the release of the report here. The Washington Post covers it here. The Wall Street Journal covers it here (on its Law blog). CBS News covers it here.

How is the New York Times covering the story? I can’t find a Times story on the report. I concede that I may be missing something, but I find nada. If there is something, it must be well hidden.

Turning to the search engine on the Times site and running a search on “Lois Lerner,” the most recent item listed is five days old. Unless I am missing something, the committee report is a non-story.

If you get your news from the Times, something’s not happening here. Mr. Times regrets he’s unable to cover the news today.