Soft Power on parade

Samantha Power is a preening phony, but I never thought she was stupid. As the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, she has emitted the lame statement below condemning the regime of Syrian president for life Bashar al-Assad as out of step with the “whole world.” Among the many true statements one could make to condemn Assad, Power can’t pull an arrow from the quiver. If Assad has her boss’s friends Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani in his corner, he’s not exactly alone, is he? What does she have to say about them?

Assad, incidentally, “is starving Palestinians to death, and nobody cares.” If she’s trying, Power ought to be able to do better than this “whole world” and “no interest in negotiations” shtick. Assad is a tyrant and murderer. Saying he has “no interest in negotiations” understates the case considerably. Did someone think he was interested in negotiations?

As for the “whole world,” it would be truer to say that the “whole world” finds Obama a lightweight, or a buffoon, or a laughingstock, and that Power is his perfect representative.


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