Subversive in Southern California

Last night, the Claremont Institute held its annual Churchill Dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Ted Cruz was the keynote speaker. In anticipation of the event, posters featuring a tattooed Cruz popped up all around Beverly Hills. They showed up on telephone poles, car windshields, outside of popular night clubs, and elsewhere. (Note that whoever produced the poster got the venue wrong,) Click to enlarge file size:


This is not the first time that Beverly Hills has been blanketed with posters produced, apparently, by a conservative source. Just before the Oscars, a “slew” of anti-Obama posters mysteriously appeared. They featured the head of Vladimir Lenin imposed on an Oscar statue, with the legend “Oczars” at the bottom:


Nor was that the beginning. In February, a PGA golf event took place in Pacific Palisades. In connection with that event, the city of Santa Monica was blanketed with posters labeling Obama “subpar.” The posters were produced in a variety of sizes and configurations, and placed on everything from street benches to porta-potties.


To my knowledge, no one has taken credit for any of these waves of posters. They might have been produced by different people, but it seems likely that the same person or group is behind them all. A considerable amount of effort and some money must have been invested. Whoever is responsible for these subversive outbursts of conservatism deserves praise; let’s hope his (or their) example is followed across the country.