Support Alex Mooney for Congress

We have written several times about Alex Mooney’s campaign for Congress. Alex, a friend and partner in the Dartmouth College battles, is running in West Virginia’s Second Congressional District for the seat being vacated by Shirley Moore Capito, who is likely to be elected Senator.

As I explained here, Alex is easily the most conservative of the serious contenders in the Republican primary, and he appears to be electable in an increasingly conservative state.

Alex’s campaign is progressing nicely. He has picked up endorsements from, among others:

The Senate Conservatives Fund
The Tea Party Express
The Family Research Council PAC
The Gun Owners of America

Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schafly have also endorsed Alex, as have important local leaders in his district.

The Tea Party Express endorsement states:

Alex Mooney is exactly the kind of Constitutional conservative that will bring the voice of West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District to Washington, D.C. He is a proven conservative champion who will not back down in the face of President Obama’s war on coal and will stand strong against the EPA’s radical anti-coal agenda.

Mooney has already proven his willingness to stand up to the establishment of both parties at the state level in order to fight for his constituents and conservative values. We believe he will do the same in D.C. working to stop the Obama-Pelosi big government agenda of tax increases, crippling regulations, and reckless spending. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Alex Mooney for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

As this statement affirms, Alex is a strong supporter of coal. Yet, his main opponent in the Republican primary is trying to portray him as a “green.”

This attack, presumably the product of desperation, is laughable to anyone who knows Alex Mooney or who has followed his career as a state legislator. The facts are:

Alex voted five times against capping or reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

He voted to expand the ability to mine coal on lands with “dormant mineral interests.”

He voted to enable mining to continue on lands that have been designated as part of an “agricultural district.”

He voted for an excise tax exemption for vehicles used in coal mining.

He sponsored an amendment to invalidate solar energy requirements for utility companies by making them optional.

He voted against increasing the percentage of solar energy electricity that utility companies are required to purchase.

He voted against requiring electricity companies to increase the percentage of retail electricity sales coming from renewable energy sources.

Other than naming his first born after the mineral, it’s difficult to see how Alex could have done more to support coal.

Alex is wrapping up his fundraising for this quarter. If you would like to contribute, you can do so here.


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