That Rabbit Is Nuclear!

I don’t think I ever shared this story when it crossed the wires a few years back, but it came back up on my screen yesterday, and it’s just too good not to share with Power Line World.  From the Associated Press in 2010:

Radioactive Rabbit Trapped, Killed

A radioactive rabbit was trapped on the Hanford nuclear reservation, and Washington state health workers have been searching for contaminated rabbit droppings.

The regional director of the Office of Radiation Protection, Earl Fordham, said Thursday that no contaminated droppings have been found in areas accessible to the public.

The Tri-City Herald reports that officials suspect the rabbit sipped some water left from the recent demolition of a Cold War-era building used in the production of nuclear weapons.

The rabbit was trapped in the past week and was highly contaminated with radioactive cesium. It was killed and disposed of as radioactive waste.

And you thought killer rabbits only existed in Monty Python movies and Jimmy Carter’s fishing trips.  (And if you haven’t, incredibly, ever seen the original, click here.  For Carter, see below.)

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