The message in the missiles revisited

That deafening silence you hear enfolds not just the Obama administration’s criminal misuse of the IRS and its royal edicts rewriting Obamacare to suit the electoral needs of the Democratic Party. It extends to Israel’s seizure of the cargo of long-range rockets, mortars and bullets destined for terrorist forces under Iran’s control in the Gaza Strip.

Claudia Rosett has done her damnedest to break the silence, in her columns “The amazing coincidence of Iran’s Javad Zarif” (Forbes) and “Truth, lies and Iranian weapons shipments” (PJ Media). Yet the silence prevails.

The cargo has been unloaded in Israel and the IDF has posted photos on its excellent Twitter feed. Below is one of the tweets with a photo of the long-range rockets:

This is also worth a look:

The Free Beacon picks up a Reuters story and gives it a helpful headline that translates the message in the missiles: “Bibi to world: You’re being played for fools.” But the silent treatment extends to the message as well.


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