The Week in Pictures: Spring Climate Change Edition

With Monday’s release of the next harem-scarum IPCC climate change report, we’ll have more of our yummy coverage here later today and tomorrow.  But the other news out this morning is that Putin and Obama have spoken by phone again, and oh goody!–Secretary of State Neville Chamberlain John Kerry will meet in a few days with Russia’s foreign minister to work out a “diplomatic solution.”  This is sure to end well.

Clinmate spering copy

No Spring copy

Dr Evil Climate copy

Gore copy

Warming Benefit copy

Soviet Reunion copy

MyKrtaine copy

Obaba Run Over copy

Ocare Red Line copy

Ocare Smowball copy

Obamacare NSA copy

Obamacare Dogs copy

Obamacare Pot Smokers copy

Liberation from Work copy

Racist to sexist copy

Democrats and Math copy

No Yoga Here copy

Jake from State Farm copy

Sinning Church copy

Jog copy

College Grads copy

John and Yoko copy

Dr Scholls copy

Clean Bras copy

Secret copy

Its a Rap copy

Its a Wrap copy

Press Any Key copy

And finally. . .

Hot 97 copy