The Week in Pictures: Time for a Reset Edition

Say, if Valdy Putin has a sense of humor at all, he should send over a little box to the American electorate marked “Reset.”  I think more than a few would change their mind right now.  Or maybe he just hasn’t had the wit to claim that all he’s doing in Crimea and Ukraine is pressing the ‘Reset” button Hillary gave them a few years back.  Or better still: “Hey Obama—forget natural gas. I’ve got some red paint, perfect for lines in the sand, that I can sell you.  You appear to be fresh out!”

Putin Reset copy

Kerry Red Line copy

Obama red line copy

Obama Stop copy

Kerry said What copy

Putin Disses Obama copy

Cold War Aggression copy

Obama Talks copy

Obama Dignity copy

Obama Voters copy

Vote Democrats copy

Kill Congressman copy

Reagan Shirtless copy

Text Taxes copy

Gilligan's Airlane copy

The Plane The Plane copy

Australia as Pet copy

Lebowski Cat copy

Be the Batman copy

Guitar Weeps copy

Jon Bon Pony copy

Wocka Wocka copy

Leprikhan copy

Senior moment copyAnd finally, since we try to have at least one Star Wars reference in every collection. . .

Hot 149 copy



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