Al Gore: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

No sooner does Bill McKibben come up with a great idea (climate scientists should go on strike) than I hear even better news: Al Gore is thinking about making a sequel to An Inconvenient TruthFrom the Hollywood Reporter:

Al Gore might need to dust off his projector. The creative forces behind the Oscar-winning environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth are hatching plans for a sequel to the film that raised global awareness of climate change. “We have had conversations,” producer Lawrence Bender tells THR. “We’ve met; we’ve discussed. If we are going to make a movie, we want it to have an impact.” . . .

Environmental activist Laurie David also believes a sequel should be on the agenda. “God, do we need one,” she says. “Everything in that movie has come to pass. At the time we did the movie, there was Hurricane Katrina; now we have extreme weather events every other week. The update has to be incredible and shocking.”

Oh please, please Mr. Gore—go for it.  (Though it means I may have to make a sequel, too.)  I can’t do much better in reacting than Marc Morano over at Climate Depot:

Climate Depot Response: ‘Please do a sequel Mr. Gore! The best things to ever happen to empower climate skeptics were two simple facts: 1) The scandal-ridden distrusted UN serving as the source of the movement’s ‘science’ and 2) Al Gore serving as the public spokesman for the global warming campaign. A highly partisan figure like Gore who lived a life-style not conducive to low carbon ideals, helped doom the global warming movements chance of success. Grab the popcorn!’

I’ll add that in a conversation with one of the leading “mainstream” climate scientists (someone Gore cites approvingly) shortly after the first film came out in 2006, this person was very bitter than Gore’s had decided to make the issue more partisan.  “I wish he had made the film with John McCain.”  McCain in 2006 surely would have done it.


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