Al Sharpton — born to be an informant

rev-sharptonWhen I read that race-hustler Al Sharpton was an FBI informant during the 1980s, my reaction was: finally, something to like about the guy. But informants aren’t likeable. Bill Otis writes:

I was a federal prosecutor for many years, and I can tell you that informants are necessary, particularly in mob and big drug conspiracy cases. But they’re a boatload of trouble.

For one thing, anyone in a position to have lots of information about extortion rackets or drug dealing is unlikely to have the character of the Pope. The defense lawyer in cross examination is going to go to town.

For another, such people are likely to have been life-long fabulists, and Big Al is no exception. Indeed, Rev. Sharpton is the prototype liar, having concocted one of the most remarkable hoaxes of recent times in the Tawana Brawley rape hoax.

Even so, President Obama likes Sharpton, or at least suffers him. In fact, Sharpton had more visits with Obama last year than Harry Reid.

Bill wonders, facetiously, whether Sharpton wore a wire during these visits. If so, I could learn to like him.


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