Does King exist?

On this past weekend’s edition of Fox News Sunday, Maine Senator Angus King declared that Obamacare does not exist. According to King, “There is no such thing as Obamacare” (video below). If you are one of the six million or so Americans who lost his health insurance courtesy of Obamacare, you are advised to take two aspirin and call King in the morning.

I’d like to argue that King doesn’t exist. I can’t do that, but you have to wonder if he’s for real.

Senator King should have been the go-to guy yesterday as the White House celebrated the putative seven million Americans who have signed up for Obamacare on the state and federal exchanges. By all appearances the White House was celebrating the success of, ah, Obamacare. What did he think they were celebrating?

We are inundated with BS — Senator King made his own novel contribution in his FNS appearance — but we can confirm the existence of Obamacare. Obamacare isn’t dead. Of that much we are certain.

Avik Roy, however, enters to elucidate the myth propagated by the White House celebration. Roy explores how many of the putative Obamacare enrollees were previously uninsured. In addition to the previous McKinsey survey on the subject (McKinsey reported 27 percent), Roy reports that RAND now weighs in with a comparable number (RAND reports one-third). The rest were simply replacing insurance destroyed by, ah, Obamacare. Roy’s valuable Forbes column is posted here.

If the purpose was to insure the previously uninsured, the results to date are pitiful. Factor in the destruction in jobs, resources and related components of the health care system, and we see that a crime of major proportions has been committed in public view.

Judging by the results we can discern the true purpose of Obamacare: by nationalizing one-sixth of the American economy, to extend the regime of control and dependency for nakedly partisan political purposes.


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