Eisenhower Memorial update

The National Capitol Planning Commision recently rejected the proposed design by starchitect Frank Gehry for the Eisenhower Memorial to be built on the National Mall. Over four acres in size and featuring eight-story “columns” and gigantic metal screens, the design has been ridiculed from the get-go. Many millions of dollars have already been spent on the project.

Through the efforts of Senator McConnell, our friend Bruce Cole was appointed to the federal commission that oversees the project last year. Cole’s devastating critiques of the Gehry design are accessible here (Weekly Standard) and here (Washington Examiner). Belying Ike’s modesty, the project was more a monument to Gehry than to Eisenhower.

Opponents of the proposed design hope that the remaining appropriated dollars will be used to build something fitting and worthy of Ike’s memory. Now the Washington Examiner’s Luke Rosiak sheds light on the workings of the staff of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission, and it’s not a pretty sight.