It’s Official: Obama Is a Liar

This poll, conducted for Fox News by Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), sampled 1,000 registered voters. Released yesterday, it contains good news for Republicans. Its respondents view the GOP slightly more favorably than the Democrats, although the difference is well within the margin of error. President Obama’s approval is under water at 42/51, and Hillary Clinton’s approval/disapproval is slipping at 49/45.

But this is what I found most interesting: 61% say President Obama lies either “most of the time” or “some of the time,” with a plurality of 37% opting for “most of the time.” Click to enlarge:


This poll indicates that even many loyal Democrats believe that Obama lies most or some of the time, and that many who purport to approve of Obama’s performance as president also believe him to be a liar. That is, I suppose, a sign of the times.

It is easy to see why the consensus now is that Obama lies about important matters: via Breitbart, 64% say that if the truth about Obamacare had been known in 2009, the law never would have passed. It will be hard for Obama to do much to turn voters’ perceptions around, with Obamacare a constant reminder of his duplicity.