Mayor Hodges submits

In the “closing argument” she made on her own behalf in her (Minneapolis) mayoral campaign this past October, Betsy Hodges checked all the right (left) boxes. To borrow Samuel Johnson’s formulation regarding Metaphysical poetry, she violently yoked a couple of heterogeneous ideas together at the heart of her mind-numbing speech: “I have worn hijab, and it changed me. I have run and danced my way through the gay pride parade.”

Hodges deemed this flight one of the highlights of her speech. She tweeted it out to her followers who otherwise might have missed it in the flood of jabberwocky.

It was good enough for the citizens of Minneapolis. Hodges won the race. She is now mayor of the city.


Reviewing Hodges’ first 100 days in office, the Star Tribune tries hard to find something noteworthy. The Strib doesn’t succeed, but they do find Mayor Hodges “don[ning] a dark blue hijab as she addressed a group of business owners and elders last week at a Somali mall in south Minneapolis.” And that will have to suffice for the moment.


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