The IRS Scandal Nears a Climax

Today’s headlines are all about the IRS: Darrell Issa’s committee has released emails that show Democratic staffers from the House’s Government Oversight and Reform Committee communicating with the IRS about True the Vote, an anti-voter fraud organization that the Democrats wanted to suppress, in 2012 and 2013. It appears that Elijah Cummings, the committee’s ranking Democrat and therefore the Congressman to whom these staffers reported, may have lied during a committee hearing when he denied that his staffers had put the IRS on the trail of True the Vote.

The emails show the Democrats calling True the Vote to the IRS’s attention and requesting records about that organization, which Lois Lerner was anxious to provide them. On the other hand, they also consistently refer to “publicly available” information, so there is no evidence (here, at least) of the IRS sharing confidential taxpayer information with the Democrats.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are closing in on Lois Lerner. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the most partisan in history, has risibly failed to do anything about the IRS scandal, or any other scandal afflicting the Obama administration. That Lerner is a criminal, no one can doubt. The House is now threatening to hold her in contempt, and if necessary, arrest and imprison her. House Republicans say “we hope the attorney general does his job,” but there is zero chance of that. So we could have a real showdown if the House sends someone–who? I have no idea–to arrest and confine Ms. Lerner.

Stay tuned.