The Week in Pictures: April Fools’ Edition

We’re several days past April Fools’ Day, of course, but April 1 of this year marked the beginning of what might be called the April Fools’ Era, being the day after the Obamacare enrollment deadline. With the typical aplomb of parlor Progressivism, the Obamanauts proclaimed the 7.1 million enrollees made it all a huge success!  Pay no attention to those 6 million who found their policies unkeepable.  Or to the remaining millions of uninsured who were the object of the whole enterprise in the first place.


Obamacare Sucker copy

Dems on Obamacare copy

Obama Campaigns copy

IRS Deadline copy

Conscious Uncoupling copy

Running with ACA copy

Hpe then and Now copy

Ukraine Birth Control copy

Obama Ruins Economy copy

Return of Jebi copy

Fort Hood copy

Clinton Aliens copy

Gore Noah copy

Waynes Global World copy

Sams Club Zombies copy

Ghost Guns copy

Vader Racist copy

Piers Morgan Cancelled copy

Winter Is Over copy

Blu Ray copy

Scissors Beat Paper copy

Eyes Up copy

Treble copy



Too bad you can't make out the "safe handling instructions."

Too bad you can’t make out the “safe handling instructions.”

Busted Teleport copy

And finally, and a slight departure from the usual format because it is upsetting people (not to worry—Power Line is not going to take up golf; soccer is quite enough):

Gretzsky copy


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